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Our Vision

Our vision is to see children and youth reach their highest potential in everything they set out to do. Our goal is to serve the local community by providing an affordable summer day camp program for families in the area that would give children a safe place to have a great time, grow in their skills and talents, and learn more about God so that they can be a positive influence on the world around them.

SKY Summer Camp was opened in 2013 by Pastor Teresa Conlon, the President of Summit International School of Ministry, and it is run by staff and students of the school on our 100 acre premises. We started small, with just 15 campers when we opened, but now we serve over 100 children per week coming from over 300 families per summer. We are so thrilled that our service is appreciated, and returning campers always bring more friends with them the next year.

Summit International School of Ministry is also home to Times Square Church Summit Campus,. The church runs a year round children's program called TSC KIDS that all our campers are welcome to join anytime.

You are more than welcome to come and visit us anytime that is convenient for you. Just give us a call or email us and we will be happy to schedule a tour for you. Feel free to read our Statement of Faith here.

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Our Staff and Volunteers

SKY campers are surrounded by a leadership that maintain a Biblical worldview. We have developed a program that nurtures and encourages campers’ growth through a variety of sports and creative arts in a safe Christian environment. We delight in diversity, culture, community and friendship. We encourage self-development by teaching life skills through hands-on activities and by life examples of the camp staff. We hope to cultivate a positive change in children’s lives that will last a lifetime.

Our energetic and dedicated staff include a registered nurse, certified lifeguards, and trained camp counselors who are committed to providing a fun and safe summer for your children. To help ensure personal safety and individualized attention, our counselor/camper ratio is about 1 to 6. Our staff members undergo an extensive background check before joining our team. At SKY Summer Camp, we believe excellence is taught through example, therefore we are intentional about hiring counselors who share our values and desire to see kids succeed.

Mama Flo


Flora Iton aka Mama FLo - Director

Aloha everyone! I don't know if anyone is as excited about SKY CAMP as I am! Blessed to have been here since day 1, when we first opened in 2013. What a joy to see campers return every year taller, smarter, and even more excited about our summer adventures. I love kids, and I have over 20 years of experience working with children and youth in schools and churches around the world. My favorite things are the pool, games, morning assemblies, field trips ... um ... basically everything! I love to sing, dance, rap, travel, and eat! I believe the best things in life are FREE like JESUS! One of my main goals in life is to have as much fun as possible without dying ... or sinning. You'll hear me laugh real loud at camp and sometimes I get my mords wuddled. Anywayz - this summer is gonna be awesome - because it's always awesome at SKY CAAAAMP!


Alex- Counselor

Hello, my name is Alex; also known as captain underpants. My superpower is eating 20 chicken nuggets at one time. I love to spend time doing fun things outside or inside. Kids are the future and it's an honor to invest in them. My mother was in children's daycare and father a Sunday school director/teacher. The greatest in the kingdom are humble children. It would be an honor to influence these kids in Godly habits and to know Christ.

Jordan - Counselor

My name is Jordan, a future Summit International student from Tampa, FL. I am so blessed and thankful to be a part of SKY Camp. I am super excited about this summer and cannot wait to meet some new friends! Singing, reading, and video games are some of my favorite pass time activities. Let's make this a summer we never forget and have fun!
Au revoir!

Kirsten - Admin Wizz

Hey buddies! My name is Kirsten, but you can call me KP if you like! I am from Washington State, the great Northwest! 2021 is my first year of SKY Camp and I am STOKED that I get to be there with you! I cannot wait to hang out with each of you wonderful people and learn about what you love to do! I love anything related to the outdoors if it means I don't have to wear shoes: hiking, swimming, walking, you name it! Also, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I love knowing that Jesus is always with me. He makes the tough times better and the good times even sweeter. See you soon!

Pierre - Counselor

Hello everybody!! My name is Pierre, I came from France (one of the most beautiful countries. Haha!) I am really excited to have the opportunity to spend my Summer with you guys! I hope that you are ready to have fun and good conversations with me, my friends! God bless you and see you soon!!

Thomas - Games Boss

Hey guys! My name is Thomas Flach. I love music and I like playing sports. I have a very active personality and I am always going crazy. My secret superhero talent is that I can impersonate many different voices. (AKA shapeshifting). I can run really fast so if you want to play tag, you better be able to run faster. However, the thing I love the most out of anything in this world is God. I love reading my bible and singing worship songs. If you want to sing along let's do it. See you guys at Sky Camp!

Leah - Counselor

Hi, my name is Leah, and I am 19! I am from Delaware, and I love to do all things adventurous! I like to play sports, to sing and act, to snowboard and hike, and to hang out with my friends. I can hardly wait to be friends with all of you. We are going to have a blast making lots of memories. See you soon!

Vanessa - Theatre Boss

Hi, my name is Vanessa Grace! I am very energetic, and I love all things theatre! My favorite things include Jesus, music, singing, writing, silly dancing, and games. I look forward to sharing some theatre tips and tricks, and I am most looking forward to laughing and growing with each of you! God bless you!

Lara - Crafts Boss

Hey hey- My name is Lara. I am from Mongolia which is located in between China and Russia. I love Jesus <3. I love to make fun things such as drawing, crafts, joking arounds and learning new things. I love worshiping the One True God. I am so excited to get to know YOU this summer at SKY Camp. Looking forward to seeing you MIGHTY WARRIORS!!!! We will have lots of fun together. YAY!!! See y'all soon!

D'angelo - Sports Coach

I am 20
I love dancing
Fave food is spaghetti
I play basketball soccer and football!

Jo'karre - Counselor/Games Boss

Hi I'm Jo'Karre aka Jo. I was born in Michigan, but I live in Florida. I enjoy playing sports and music. Let's have a good time!

Say - Counselor

Hello! My name is Say Wah and I am 23 years old. I am an outdoor person. I like to play soccer, as well as going fishing and hiking. I am so excited for Sky Camp. I know we’ll have so much fun together learning about Jesus! I can’t wait to meet every single one of you and to learn from you. God is good and I know He’ll do remarkable things this summer!

Emy - Counselor

Hi my name is Emy!
I am from Montreal Canada, and I just finished my freshman year at Summit. My first language is French. I love to sing, love theatre, and I love to have fun! I am looking forward to seeing and knowing each and every one of you this summer! We are going to have a blast!

Deana - Bandaid Fairy aka Camp Nurse

Hi my name is Deana! I’m from Tennessee and I enjoy the outdoors. Some of my favorite things to do are hike, swim and kayak! I also like to help others. I like helping other so much that I became a nurse about 5 years ago. I cannot wait to make new friends at Sky Camp and go on field trips with you all!

Jaelle - Counselor

Hiii!!! My name is Jaelle, most of my friends call me either Jae or Elle. I'm from New York City and I just graduated from Summit International School of Ministry. There is a bunch of stuff that I love: superheroes, dancing, music, riddles, and corny jokes. Wanna hear my favorite joke? What do you call a fake noodle...an imPASTA!! My number one favorite thing is singing and worshipping God. I am so so so excited to be a part of SKY Camp! I cannot wait to see all of you, and I hope we have an awesome summer together!!

SKY CAMP Staff 2019