Field Trips

We look forward to field trips every Thursday. Sometimes we are gone all day like when we visit Guppy Gulch or the Renaissance Faire, and sometimes we are gone just a couple of hours after lunch like at Levitz Park or Fort Indiantown Gap Army Base. We have a lot of fun wherever we go, even if we have been there before! There's always something new and exciting to discover.


The entire camp goes on the field trips. There is no stay at camp option.

Field Trip Times For all-day trips, we depart at 9:15 AM. Please arrive at camp on time so you make it on the bus. We usually get back by 3:30 PM, but if we are traveling from afar like from Lake Tobias or Guppy Gulch, we might arrive back at camp late due to traffic. We will inform you if there is a delay. *By popular demand, we have decided to visit Guppy Gulch twice this summer, and we have a time schedule change. We plan to arrive back at camp at 5:30 PM so the campers can have more time at Guppy Gulch. Likewise, the Knoebels field trip will be returning between 5 - 5:30 pm. Campers on bus routes can be picked up at camp just for these days.

T-shirts We like to wear our T-shirts for field trips as an extra safety precaution. It helps our groups stay together, find each other easily, and they of course make for great photos. Please make sure you have a SKY Summer Camp T-shirt for field trips as it is a requirement.

Electronics Phones and cameras are allowed with parental discretion. We cannot be responsible for lost or broken items though.

Souvenir Money Campers love to get souvenirs for themselves, and gifts for parents during field trips. Please send them with money in a marked purse or zip-lock bag. We suggest different amounts depending on the location, feel free to ask if you are not sure how much to send.