Sports & Games

We play sports and games for fun, fun, and more fun! While some campers are really enthusiastic about sports, others might be a little shy or have trouble understanding the game. However, we believe everyone can enjoy any sport so we definitely try to encourage our campers to get out on the field and give it their best shot. Pretty soon, the entire group is having a great time and no one is left out! Cheering goes a long way.

Sports we play at camp are football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and baseball. We have fully equipped indoor and outdoor facilities for each sport and a trained sports director to make sure campers are coached with all the right rules and safety precautions. When we go to Levitz Park for field trips, we are also able to play court tennis there. We do have some tennis balls and rackets for campers to use if they don't have their own.

SKY Camp games are so much fun. These games are insanely funny to watch and play: Human Foosball, SKY Style Dodgeball, 9 Square, Patrol, Capture the Flag, Skylimpics, Detective ... the list is endless. We make up many new games as we go along. Our campers are brilliant when it comes to creating their own games.